Cuba prevents annual epidemic among 2.5m people using homeopathy

Fri, 02/01/2009 – 15:56 – Markos

Cuban medical researchers have successfully prevented the annual outbreak of Leptospirosis in Cuba among a population of 5 million people across two regions using homeopathy in both 2007 and 2008, a homeopathy conference in Havana Cuba heard recently.

Using Homeoprophylaxis, the equivalent of vaccinations in homeopathy, a nosode of Leptospirosis was prepared and administered along with two Bach Flower Essences to address the typical mental and emotional effects of the disease.

Two doses were given to a population of 2.5m, the second dose being 7-9 days after the first, bringing the incedence of infection to just under 10 people with no fatalities. Previously, conventional treatment of the population with a vaccine still resulted in thousands of infections and a number of fatalities and at a cost of US $2m. The homeopathic solution cost just 10% of that, at US $200,000.

Dr. Isaac Golden, who attended the conference, adds:

As a point of correction, 5,000,000 doses were administered, but covered 2,500,000 people (there being 2 doses per person). However this is still a dramatic and wonderful result. I am hoping to run a very rigorous trial in 2009 with Conchita and Gustavo, involving also epidemiologists in Australia, and see if we can get some watertight data.

All participants (myself included) were heartened to see practical homoeopathy in action – and it is something which opponents of homoeopathic immunisation both from within and without our profession should take note of. These people actually do things – not just theorise – for the benefit of all


Dr Isaac Golden
Head of School of Holistic Medicine

Endeavour College of Natural Health