Dr. Milner was honored with the naturopathic medicine’s prestigious Living Legends award for his demonstrated leadership, commitment to excellence and outstanding contributions to the advancement of natural medicine.

Portland, Ore. ( Dec. 11, 2013)Martin Milner, ND, was honored with the 2013 Living Legends award by National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) and the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) at a banquet held Dec. 7 at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel. NCNM and the OANP selected Dr. Milner to be honored with the naturopathic medicine’s prestigious Living Legends award for his demonstrated leadership, commitment to excellence and outstanding contributions to the advancement of natural medicine.

In addition to his private practice, Milner, a 1983 NCNM graduate, is an OANP past president and current board member, and an NCNM professor in cardiopulmonary medicine. In April 2013, Milner’s Center for Natural Medicine, an NCNM teaching clinic since 1999, received the national distinction of being the first naturopathic clinic in America to be credentialed (by the Oregon Health Authority) as a Tier 2 Patient-Centered Primary Care Home. Milner’s clinic will also soon be celebrated as an NCNM Center of Excellence in cardiovascular medicine.

Milner has a long list of accomplishments. In addition to teaching and his clinical practice, Milner is a popular lecturer as a keynote speaker at conferences and symposia nationally and internationally. He has served as an expert witness to the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners, consulted with the nutraceutical industry, and contributed an extensive list of scholarly research for publication to peer-review journals on topics including coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory disease, hypothyroidism, menopause and Alzheimer’s disease.

NCNM President David J. Schleich, PhD, praised Milner’s legacy of educating NCNM students at the Center for Natural Medicine: “Dr. Milner has long had a reputation as a superb clinician whose work has broken ground for naturopathic physicians in Oregon and continues to advance the profession of naturopathic medicine. It’s also important to note his dedication to educating generations of NCNM students. They are fortunate to learn from a professor of his stature. We are very proud to have Marty on our faculty and grateful to him for his tireless efforts on behalf of NCNM.”

OANP Executive Director Laura Farr agreed with Schleich’s assessment. She added that the Living Legends nominating committee also recognized him for “his pioneering work in teaching cardiology and primary care, and his deep commitment to training new doctors by being among the first and most consistent in offering residencies and preceptorships. Last, and importantly, Dr.Milner has provided unfailing support and leadership for the OANP.

In accepting the award, Milner reminded attendees they were stewards of the profession of naturopathic medicine at a pivotal time for health care in America. “In your most challenging moments, remember that no other physician is being asked to learn all of conventional medicine and natural therapeutics as a licensed primary care provider,” Milner said. “We are the true and only fully trained physician-healers on the globe today. We are the medical intelligentsia of the modern era-an elite class of physicians engaged in…aiding in the healing of one patient at a time, while transforming the face of health care.”

The Living Legends award dinner also celebrated the accomplishments of four other accomplished NCNM alumni, who were inducted into the Naturopathic Hall of Fame:

Drs. Rita Bettenburg, Bruce Canvasser, Bruce Dickson and Corey Resnick. The Hall of Fame was established to honor naturopathic physicians who have made significant contributions in the advancement of natural medicine.

  • 1989 NCNM graduate, Dr. Rita Bettenburg, former dean of NCNM’s School of Naturopathic Medicine whose 25 years of dedicated service to NCNM has been instrumental in establishing NCNM’s reputation for academic and clinical excellence; she also contributed years of service to the OANP, including key roles as its vice president and president. In addition, Dr. Bettenburg also was a member of the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education and sat on the board of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).
  • After his graduation from NCNM in 1977, Dr. Bruce Canvasser stayed on to teach botanical medicine and was clinic director at the college, as well as an NCNM board member. In 1978 he founded and was president of NF Formulas, a nutraceutical company that was acquired by Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI). He now sits on ITI’s medical advisory board. Dr. Canvasser was appointed by Gov. Vic Atiyeh to two terms on the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine.
  • Dr. Bruce Dickson has achieved the distinction of being NCNM’s longest-serving board member to date (1979-1996); he was board chair for seven years. When he completed his studies at NCNM in 1979, Dr. Dickson began private practice in McMinnville, Ore., and has continued to see patients there for nearly 35 years. In addition to being a member of the OANP since 1978, he is a longstanding member of the AANP and a diplomate of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians.
  • Dr. Corey Resnick, a longstanding member of NCNM’s board of directors, was named director emeritus in 1999. After his graduation from NCNM in 1978, Dr. Resnickjoined NCNM’s faculty as a clinical supervisor. Since 1987, he has been devoted to developing supplements and specialty nutritional products for professionals. As co-founder and executive vice president of Tyler Encapsulations, and later as executive vice president of Integrative Therapeutics Inc., he now serves on its medical advisory board. He has been a member of OANP since 1978 and was an early member of AANP, serving a number of terms as treasurer of that organization.


Originally published on NCNM.edu