The Center for Natural Medicine, Inc. is the first and one of the largest integrated healthcare facilities in the Northwest founded in 1991. The Center comprises a diverse team of healthcare practitioners including naturopathic physicians, licensed acupuncturists, licensed massage therapists, and medical assistants working collaboratively to provide patients with well-researched and innovative treatments. Our central focus as a business is best reflected in our philosophy, approach and core values described below.

Our Philosophy

Each individual is a unique whole-a complex living organism consisting of body, mind, and spirit. Health is not merely the absence of disease, it is a state of optimal function.

Our Approach

Through the choice of diverse medical care and therapies, our aim is to support the healing process with effective, appropriate health care and health enhancement services and education.

Our Mission

To offer an optimal healing experience through diversity, innovation and compassion. We encourage personal and professional growth and development of our people to better serve with full presence, integrity, competence, and love.

The Many Roles Of A Complete Physician

A complete physician not only diagnoses and treats disease, they identify the underlying cause of disease while optimizing health and wellness. Additionally, the complete physician focuses on prevention with programs to delay the onset and progression of diseases, early detection testing, risk factor analysis, preventive education and lifestyle enhancement. All of our patients are offered the opportunity to receive healthcare support on all of these levels. Feel free to contact us for further information or to schedule a telephone consultation with one of our practitioners.