Dr. Alison Wilder is a board-certified chiropractor who takes a holistic, whole-person approach to chiropractic care. She is committed to providing a trauma-informed, inclusive, and safe healing environment for all of her patients. Dr. Alison is open to working with all folks but is particularly passionate about providing care to historically underserved communities such as queer, BIPOC, AFAB (assigned female at birth), and neurodiverse individuals. She has worked with patients presenting with both acute and chronic conditions as well as those diagnosed with chronic pain and hypermobility syndromes such as EDS, Marfan’s, and fibromyalgia. Alison works with patients as a patient-provider team to create an individualized care and management plan that is tailored to and best fits the patient. Conditions she commonly treats include chronic and complex pain, acute injury including extremity pain/injury, disc injuries, nerve entrapment, headache/migraines, jaw pain/TMJ, and pregnancy.  

Dr. Alison takes a gentle approach to chiropractic bodywork. Her offerings include chiropractic adjustments in the form of manipulation, mobilization, and activator method. Muscle work including manual massage, trigger point, and pin and stretch muscle release techniques. As well as instrument assisted muscle work such as gua sha/scraping and cupping. She hopes to empower patients to take an active role in their healing by prescribing relevant rehab exercises including strength and stability exercises as well as nervous system regulation/breathwork exercises.  

Dr. Alison is a graduate of the University of Western States holding both a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and Bachelor of Science in Human Biology degree. She has worked with individuals through the Q Center, Cascadia Health, and YOU Health clinics. In her free time, she is passionate and continues to learn about the mind-body connection and related neuroscience. She also maintains yoga and martial arts practices and enjoys spending as much time as possible in nature hiking, paddle boarding, and backpacking.

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