Symbiotropin (Pro-HGH)

In the 1970’s world famous pharmacologist James Jamieson, a specialist in pharmaceutical delivery systems, decided to take on the challenge of producing the world’s first effective growth hormone in an oral dosage form, a project many believed to be impossible. His work led him to the discovery of over 300 molecules he calls chaperone molecules that are used to protect this sensitive compound from hydrochloric acid, facilitate absorption and aid in transport to the receptor sites.

The result of years of extensive research has been realized in a supplement called Symbiotropin, also known as PRO-HGH, now available from the Center for Natural Medicine Dispensary. Over the last year, PRO-HGH has been sold to doctor’s offices with phenomenal success stories being reported as to the effectiveness of the product. PRO-HGH has been shown to be three to four times more effective than injectable growth hormone! If you have read about growth hormone, you would have heard that it is prohibitively expensive. Synthetic GH injections have produced impressive results, but they cost $1,200 to $3,500 per month and some negative side effects have been reported. PRO-HGH is 100% natural, three to four times more effective than injectable growth hormone and there are no negative side effects!

Pro-HGH contains the seven peptides that make up natural growth hormone. Chaperone molecules keep these peptides from being degraded by hydrochloric acid in the stomach. In addition, this product contains molecules that address virtually every aspect of growth hormone within the body including production, transport and utilization.

The receptor sites for growth hormone become desensitized over time. They also become blocked with environmental toxins, but can be reactivated under the influence of polysaccharide molecules and specific plant compounds found in PRO-HGH. PRO-HGH will not suppress natural GH production.

Some of the natural chaperone molecules actually increase glandular production of GH as well as facilitate its release into the system. This formula contains molecules that act as transport mechanisms to carry the growth hormone peptides to the sensitized receptors of the target tissues.

Take PRO-HGH by dissolving effervescent tablets in water on an empty stomach, preferably at bedtime, early morning or ½ hour prior to work out. The effervescence effectively enhances the rate and effectiveness of uptake. Your stomach should be empty to help facilitate rapid absorption.  Eating also inhibits natural growth hormone production.  It is therefore best to avoid eating up to 3 hours before taking proHGH.  Both blood sugar and insulin inhibit the release of growth hormone. It is also recommended that an individual stay on a low carbohydrate diet to maximize the effectiveness of PRO-HGH. 40 effervescent tablets will last one month by taking PRO-HGH 5 days weekly and resting for two days. Then repeat this cycle. The supplement can be taken indefinitely with safety. Consider a full 3-month trial before assessing its full benefits and/or repeating blood IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1) levels Some have found that taking a rest period of 1-2 months after 3 months of use works well also. Avoid supplementation with vanadyl sulfate because it mimics insulin in the body and will suppress growth hormone production.

Experienced benefits with the use of growth hormone

  • Excellent weight loss
  • 8.8% average increase in muscle mass after 6 months
  • Higher energy levels and increased exercise performance
  • Enhanced sexual performance in men and women
  • Regrowth of heart, spleen, liver, kidneys and other organs
  • Better cardiac output, superior immune and kidney function
  • Lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol profile
  • Younger, thicker skin, wrinkle removal, cellulite reduction
  • Hair regrowth
  • Sharper vision
  • Mood elevation
  • Increased memory retention
  • Improved sleep

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