• A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic: By Martin Milner, N.D.

Clotting is a key, often overlooked factor in chronic illness, and with
nattokinase, we know how to reverse it. This is where the real treasure of
this enzyme lies. Disorders such as heart disease, hypertension, fibromyalgia,
chronic infection, inflammatory bowel disease, deep vein thrombosis, may
respond to nattokinase.
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By dissolving branched fibrin–which coagulates prior to full clot formation–
nattokinase proves uniquely helpful in many disorders.
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Nattokinase: Clinical Updates from
Doctors Support its Safety and Efficacy
• Doctors Apply Nattokinase in Many Conditions
• Four Top Doctors Weigh In
Hear how Jonathan Wright, M.D., David Brownstein, N.D., Christopher
Deatherage, N.D., and Stephen Hines, N.D. use this powerful,
fibrinolytic enzyme.

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