If you had of asked me what I was going to be doing career wise as a Registered Nurse even two years ago I am not sure working at CNM was even remotely considered. With my level of frustration with the INADEQUATE health care system this country has becoming increasingly so, for sometime I have been pondering what the alternatives must be.

The need for integration between the natural medicine world and the world of western medicine (where care is dictated by drug and insurance companies & lobbied organizations like the FDA & AMA) has always been on my mind. I am still to this day baffled by the allopathic desire to be satisfied with mainly treating symptoms (tertiary health care) rather than primary and preventative medicine?

Anyway,my coming to CNM has been a blessing for me and my faith that as a health care professional (whom has worked as an RN in 4 different countries and many specialties) I can help people make the changes in their lives necessary for them to achieve a REAL sense of health & well being. I am privileged to work with the amazing practitioners at CNM & look forward to  working with all whom come to us for some real help & hope!