what-is-pemf1Cellular Electro-Physiology and the Benefits of Cellular Exercise

Our cells and all living things are direct current (DC) systems created by the movement of sodium and potassium ions in and out of cell membranes. Normal, healthy cells have an electrical charge of aboutv -70 mV across the cell membrane.  This electrical gradient is critical to the process of ion transport across the cell membrane and normal cell metabolism.  Key features of cellular metabolism include  the exchange of oxygen and nutrients for cellular waste, and ATP energy generation.  These metabolic processes are almost always lacking in dysfunctional cells and improved as the cell membrane charge returns to normal.

Any challenge to the cell, such as oxygen/nutrient deficiency, toxicity, or inflammation can degrade the gradient from its optimal -70 mV.  As the gradient falters, sodium is less efficiently pumped out of the cell, resulting in edema (fluid retention) and inflammation.  As the gradient falls lower, oxygen delivery across the cell membrane into the interior of the cell is compromised.  Without oxygen, the cell cannot generate ATP energy; the sodium-potassium ion pumping mechanism cannot be fueled, and the gradient falls further.  A downward cycle of disordered cellular physiology will follow, which can ultimately lead to cell degeneration.

The electrical charge of inflamed cells causing pain changes to approximately +30 mV. When exposed to a pulsed magnetic field, these cells are changed to a charge of approximately -90mV alleviating pain in the process.  Cells that are scarred or fibrotic with adhesions have a charge of approximately -15 mV.  Due to the density of the cell tissue, change requires stronger pulsed magnetic fields to be able to restore them to the optimal -70 mV.  Degenerative or immune-compromised cells average -30 mV.

A state of wellness requires that our cells maintain an optimal electrochemical gradient of -70 mV.  We know that the gradient is compromised in unhealthy cells.  Research has shown that pulsed magnetic fields have a beneficial effect on the cell membrane’s ability to regain its optimal electrochemical gradient which supports healthy cellular functions.

How does the pulsed magnetic field exercise the cells of living tissue without damaging them?

The answer is in electro physiology.  The PEMF technology used in the MG-33 has been engineered to produce extremely brief, but repetitive pulses of magnetic field energy in nanoseconds (that’s a billionth of a second).  This pulsed magnetic field is supportive energy that can be used to restore damaged cellular structures, pump out toxins, and optimize cell performance without generating heat, ionizing radiation, or tissue damage. In essence, all cells exposed to a pulsed magnetic field are being exercised: expanded during peak exposure to the magnetic field and relaxed on the off phase.  By increasing ion transport across the cell membrane, the pulsed magnetic field is creating bio-available energy that triggers a cascade of biochemical events inside the cell.   PEMF actual excites and donates electrons as it passes through cells creating an electrical field.  This donation of electrons reduces cellular chemistry with anti-oxidant benefits.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone’s cells need exercise.  The stresses of everyday life, toxicity from pollutants, oxygen and nutrient deficiency have compromised our cellular biochemistry.  We all can benefit from the kind of total body cellular exercise that the MG Cellular Exerciser can deliver.  The benefit to areas of local cell dysfunction and energy deficiency that manifest in the experience of chronic pain can be demonstrated by the diminishment of pain following a session.  Painful cells are energy deficient; thus they are low in oxygen, high in sodium, with a faltered electrochemical gradient.  When we restore the gradient, the cell starts pumping out sodium, potassium enters the cell, the swelling resolves, oxygen starts flowing back in, and pain improves.

Maximizing Benefit

Maximum cellular exercise and benefits will be obtained when the body is exercised by the pulsed magnetic field for 30 to 60 minutes. We want the entire body to receive the benefits of the exercise for balanced results–a healthy you, not just you with less pain.  Perceived benefits have been known to extend beyond the session itself.  Optimal session frequency can be up to 2-3 times daily, with a gradual increase in session length when appropriate.

One session alone is not going to restore the cell, but your pain level may certainly lessen. Wearing the Sun Loop cable like a necklace, which will cover the area of the chest and abdomen, will stimulate large amounts of lymphatic vessels to pump and drain lymph fluid which supports immune health, lymphatic drainage and blood flow.  One’s knowledge of the areas of cellular resistance combined with your response to MG will influence our approach.

Time Needs to Be Invested to Normalize Cell Electrophysiology

The foundation of a long-term investment in your health should include the following fundamental philosophy:  Optimize the electrical charge and related nutritional status of the cell; ensure that the cells get all the oxygen and hormonal support that they need; and exercise dysfunctional cells to aid in the removal of cellular toxins.  If we support the cellular electrophysiology and biochemistry, energy generation will improve, the sodium-potassium pump will begin to function normally, the cell will thrive – and so will the suffering individual!  This process takes time.  In advanced conditions, the cells of the affected area are too far gone to take in adequate oxygen/nutrition, or the cells may be so toxic that they just can’t generate the energy needed to restore the cell’s electrical gradient.  In these situations extensive pulsed magnetic cellular exercise is necessary to maximize results. Without bio-available energy compromised cells cannot correct themselves and the journey back to health is prolonged. Just as the application of a battery charger to your worn out, energy depleted car battery returns its charge to normal, recharging your cells when they are energy depleted is essential to their ability to function fully and requires an investment in time.


All cells exposed to a pulsed magnetic field are being mildly stretched and relaxed (exercised). In the first 10 minutes of exposure, oxygen content in the cells increases which can further stimulate the exit of toxins. Due to this, your body’s response to the session may be the experience of mild side effects including but not limited to: nausea, lethargy, headaches, fatigue and muscle aches. For this reason, elderly, frail, acutely ill or sensitive individuals are advised to begin with an initial low strength session with a maximum duration of 15 to 30 minutes.  Depending on the strength, the pulsing magnetic field may cause involuntary muscle contractions and you will experience a sensation of muscle twitching. It is not uncommon for teeth to exhibit some sensitivity, as well as the lumbosacral (low back) spine area. As with starting any new exercise program, you may experience stiffness or discomfort due to cells being moved that are normally not active. Water is essential for the transport of many of these toxins for elimination. It is a good habit to drink plenty of pure water before and after exposure to the pulsed magnetic field to maintain optimal cellular hydration.  Mildly alkaline, antioxidant rich water at a pH of 7-8 is recommended.  Please drink 2-3 liters of water daily while you are on an MG program.


1.        Do not use or be near the MG when it is turned on if you have an implanted electronic device including an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator or an implanted cochlear hearing device or other implants that are battery operated or magnetically charged.  Other hearing aids may not work properly around a MG and should be removed when using the unit.  Remove all chain linked necklaces, automatic car key openers and any items with batteries.  Keep cassette tapes and other electronic devices 3 feet or more away from the cables.  Cell phones should be placed greater than 3 feet away from a MG in current use.  The MG will wear out any battery.  Keep any magnetic media (i.e. credit cards) greater than 3 feet away from the cables of the MG or they can become demagnetized.

2.        Do not sit on a metal chair while using the MG.

3.        Do not use the MG if you are pregnant or about to become pregnant.

4.        Do not use during active bleeding, hemorrhaging or during heavy menstruation.

5.        Do not place a cable directly on the body when beginning a session.  First, the cable should be held in the hands of the operator to insure that the magnetic field is not too strong for the person having the session.

Disclaimer: High Intensity PEMF is not a medical device in the U.S.  It simply produces a pulsed magnetic field of varying strengths.  It is not intended for the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of any disease or condition.

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