Venessa Madrigal, ND

Dr. Venessa Madrigal (she/they) recognizes that each person is unique and multi-faceted, as are health conditions. They strive to combine modern medicine with holistic healing techniques to provide the best individualized treatment for each person to optimize their health.

Dr. Madrigal is unique in that they pull upon their travels in the Amazon and Central America; medical readings from the Aztecs; knowledge of Western herbal medicine & naturopathic teachings; as well as their own healing experiences from traumatic brain injuries, spinal fusion, and mold-related illness.

As a first generation Mexican-American, they are proud of their heritage including the journey & challenges of their immigrant parents. Dr. Madrigal is the first cis-female physician in her family. They identify as queer/non-binary and have a passion for providing gender-affirming healthcare to their LGBQT+ community. They welcome people of all backgrounds and seek to create a setting in which their patients feel at ease by embracing a body-positive, sex-positive, and trauma-informed practice.

Dr. Madrigal believes in the healing capacity of each individual and looks forward to helping guide you and your loved ones on your own healing journeys!

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