Misty is a queer, non binary LMT practicing Amma Therapy bodywork in Portland since 2017. Amma Therapy is a bodywork modality based in Chinese medicine. Treatment often includes a pulse diagnosis, cupping, gua sha, acupressure points and massage along the primary Channels. Misty strives to provide a safer space for marginalized clients to experience deep healing, empowerment and movement of physical and energetic blocks. They listen actively and greet each client where they are at in the present and encourage feedback from you to ensure a highly effective massage experience. Treatment includes remediation for migraine, headache, jaw, neck, shoulder girdle, thoracic and low back issues as well as digestion, tension, sleep and circulation. Misty is excited to be working with the diverse and talented group of practitioners at The Center for Natural Healing. They enjoy walking in nature with their pitbull rescue Hank the Tank.