Hasina Cohen, LAc

Hi! I’m queer, nonbinary, and an eating disorder and brain injury survivor. I’m also hard of hearing and will probably ask you to speak up.

My approach to care work is rooted in three truths: that you know best what is happening for your body; that systems of oppression are real and serve as primary causes of disease; and that medicine (mostly conventional but also many forms of alternative) often participates in marginalization instead of uplifting and strengthening bodies, survival, and ways of knowing/being it doesn’t value or recognize.

As your practitioner, I offer my knowledge in service of yours to craft a treatment that supports your agency and pacing. I hold a variety of tools (including insertive and non-insertive acupuncture, East Asian herbal medicine, and gentle bodywork) and will partner with you in finding an approach that allows your nervous system to feel at ease.

On my way to licensure as an acupuncturist, I completed a 5 year mentorship in Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis. I appreciate Shen-Hammer because it is a strengths-based model that helps me work closely with the body’s own attempts to restore balance while mitigating the blame and shame that can arise around challenging physical and mental/emotional experiences.

I am also trained in cranialsacral and myofascial release therapies through extensive study and assistant teaching with Michael McMahon at Moving Mountain Institute. My hands can say more about the awe I feel for this work than I could ever express in words.

Beyond clinical practice, I love visiting favorite swimming holes with my partner, chasing our two orange cats out of the garden, and paying attention to things I see and feel outside. (Did you know that you can find egg sized agates all over the city? They make quite a journey from ocean to river to our streets).