Dr. Thorn Willow is a non-binary, transgender, queer naturopathic physician with a passion for helping LGBTQ+ folks with their journeys toward and through healing. They believe in meeting patients where they are without judgement while listening to their needs and desires.

They approach gender and sexual health with a strong culture of bodily autonomy, consent, and trauma-informed care. It is important to Dr. Willow to help patients feel safe, comfortable, and at home in their bodies.

Following a Health at Every Size framework, Dr. Willow’s practice is body-positive and sex-positive. They are familiar and comfortable working with patients who participate in polyamory, kink, swinging, and/or sex work. Their concept of sex-positivity also includes respect and comfort with asexuality, demisexuality, aromanticism, etc.

While they focus on work within the transgender and queer community, all patients are welcome.

Areas of focus:

  • Gender-affirming health care- Hormonal treatments and evaluation, referral, and guidance for surgery
  • Sexual health- Genital exam, pelvic exams, STI testing, etc.
  • Integrative Pelvic Care- Pelvic floor therapy and support for patients of any gender or genital configuration
  • Mental health care- Medical, botanical, lifestyle, and/or supplemental support for mental health. Provides basic mental health prescribing.