Dr. Michael Grady

Dr. Michael Grady is an Oregon board certified Naturopathic physician. In addition to his Naturopathic medical degree from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon, he received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Georgia (UGA). Before attending NCNM, he spent four years of full time research in cancer and human genomics at UGA and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

His clinical approach is to integrate the powers of nature’s healing ability with that of modern medicine to help his patients achieve optimal health. This holistic approach is designed to identify the roots of unique health struggles in terms of mind, body, and spirit, in order to help achieve the greatest level of health freedom.

A personal journey with chronic migraines and neck pain has helped guide Dr. Grady’s approaches to musculoskeletal difficulties and chronic pain. As his own needs required various practitioners to achieve optimal relief, he found himself wishing there was a single practitioner that could provide many of the therapeutics needed for chronic pain management. As seeing different types of providers on an ongoing basis is a greater expense of time and money than some can invest, he also realized that offering a “one-stop-shop” might be the only way many people could benefit from such a multi-layered approach. This desire has stayed with Dr. Grady throughout medical school, continuing education, and mentorships to accumulate the skills and knowledge to offer the various forms of healing that so helped him. Some examples of these modalities include: soft tissue and bone manipulation, therapeutic injections, homeopathic and botanical medicines, pharmaceutical medicines, therapeutic exercises, mind-body practices, and nutrition in the form of diet and supplements.

In addition to holistic pain management, other areas of focus include: Integrative Primary Care Medicine and Men’s Health and Wellness. A similar comprehensive approach is taken with these clinical areas through a blend of modern medicine and natural therapies. Based upon the belief that we need to feel well enough to enact the positive lifestyle solutions our bodies and minds need, Dr. Grady will often treat the musculoskeletal and neurological system in addition to whatever more obvious systems are in need of attention. In terms of men’s health, Dr. Grady has experience successfully treating hundreds of men for uniquely male difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement and balancing, and various ailments of the prostate.

Dr. Grady believes that you are the dictator of your own health and that he is a guide to help you explore your options. By communicating with you, your other healthcare providers, and ordering lab and imaging, your case will be investigated in a comprehensive manner that keeps you and your goals in the forefront.

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