Winslett Carr, MAcOM, LAc

Winslett Carr focuses on promoting balanced healing and long-term health by incorporating Chinese medicine into everyday life. She works with a diverse population of patients treating body pain, fatigue, insomnia, digestive health and women’s health.

Winslett uses a combination of acupuncture, Tuina massage, nutrition therapy, and Chinese herbs to create a treatment plan that’s unique for each patient. By listening to each patient’s concerns and health history, she strives to meet the patient’s treatment goals by creating a balanced approach to treatment with simple lifestyle modifications.

Soon after completing her undergraduate degree in Anthropology in the mountains of Tennessee, Winslett received a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. She found health and balance through the care of an amazing acupuncturist, and her own journey to recovery inspired her to become a healer. In practicing this medicine, she incorporates the tools and lessons from her experience as both patient and practitioner, while working in collaboration with other healthcare providers.

As for her own balanced approach to life, Winslett finds this through dancing, hiking, practicing yoga, cooking delicious food, hosting dinner parties, and walking around the city with her husband and adorable Havanese puppy.

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