Petra Nobilis-Pincetich


East West College of the Healing Arts- Dec. 2017
Licensed Massage Therapist-Feb. 2018

People come to me for massage to rehab body injuries, prevent injury and illness. Maintenance
of old injuries and overall well being, strengthening flexibility, tonifying, peace of mind and
settling of spirits.

I come from personal studies, private instruction and academy training. Graduated from East
West Healing arts academy in 2017 and currently still attending classes towards another
academy training for integrative medicine, accompanied by personal instruction in massage and
Japanese martial arts.

I provide to my clients on a large floor mat accompanied by pillows and
blankets, fully clothed or for an oiled treatment. However all my studies of massage can be
transferred to a table and so I offer both options to my clients.My techniques serve individuals
wholly to bring connection to themselves and the world around. My goal as a practitioner is to
connect pathways of flow to assist the bodies activity from organs to skin and beyond.

To do this, I utilize techniques of rhythm, degrees of pressure, directional movement, versatile
positioning for stretching and acupressure. Sometimes I use tools to assist the manual therapy,
such as strips of fabric to help lift and stretch people, or to wrap areas that are in need of

As well as wooden and stone tools to change texture in very dense and hard
areas. We all move at our own pace, as a provider I enjoy being a part of people’s lives as a
tuning instrument to their own rhythm and tone.

Percussion- Rhythmic tapping to clear stagnations

Compression= heavy presses

Hand rolling- Wave like pressings

Friction- Muscle and skin rubbing

Acupressure- Direct and broad application of pressure along pathways of connecting points on the body that can become high and low in active flow.

Mobilization-Pushing, pulling, rolling gently with joints to ease space in locked areas

Manipulation- Being put through ranges of motion small and large to reach new or lost potentials of movement. Basically moving your body for you within your limits.

Myofascial Release- Working with the skin and connective tissue to subtly relieve paths of connection.

Bio rhythmic listening- This is where I place my hands in areas and we take time to listen and feel for presence of breathe, blood flow and connectivity.

30 minute spot specific

60 minute spot specific with full body integration transitions

90 minute full body connecting

120 minute full body connecting

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