Dr. Carlo Calabrese


Dr. Carlo Calabrese focuses his practice on naturopathic psychological medicine and offers integrated treatment with biological and psychosocial perspectives.

Most of us, at some time or other, have mood and relationship problems or behaviors of our own that are not what we want them to be. Sometimes we know what might be best for us but haven’t yet managed the actions needed. Sometimes it is simply hard to come to terms with our health after having been to one caregiver after another. Dr. Calabrese brings a deep understanding of current evidence-based diagnosis and treatment to your immediate experience of illness and to the sometimes strenuous effort to be well.

He can provide support for you and your family facing challenges related to:

He may also help in addressing chronic health problems that have been treatment-resistant.

His practice is based in his experience in clinical research. He has been performing and publishing research in natural medicine for 25 years, including clinical trials and observational studies in nutrients, botanicals, and complex CAM practices for a variety of conditions. Early in his career, he was the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ first Physician of the Year for leading the team that established national educational accreditation for naturopathic doctors. He has been the Director of National College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Portland teaching clinic and its Dean of Clinical Education. He was a founder and co-director of the Bastyr U. Research Institute and authored the first successful applications for an NIH grant to a naturopathic institution. He developed the first basic sciences laboratory and the first research clinical facility at a complementary medicine institution.

While a Senior Investigator at NCNM’s Helfgott Research Institute, he served on the National Institute of Health’s Advisory Council for Complementary & Alternative Medicine and on the NCCAM Data and Safety Monitoring Board and was co-principal in the Naturopathic Medical Research Agenda during 2002-5. In 2009, he initiated the Naturopathic Physicians Research Network and then was the Executive Director of the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute where he remains on the Board. He is a Visiting Research Professor at NCNM and Affiliate Associate Professor in the Dept of Neurology at OHSU and maintains a small research portfolio. He received a BA from NYU, his ND degree from NCNM and a Master’s in Public Health (Health Services) from University of Washington. His experiences as a father and grandfather, husband, worker, traveler, grateful student of many and proud mentor to a few, are the foundation of his development.

Dr. Calabrese has attended to medical issues of health and consciousness for over 30 years and has sharpened his focus from general scientific questions to the life journeys of individuals—a renewed way of meaning and enjoyment for him. “My role is to travel with you towards a better life from wherever you are now–to help you fulfill your potential as a human being, in your specifically gifted fitness to your particular biological and social circumstances.” To do so takes compassion, understanding and insight, a rich information network for decision-making, close support for lifestyle adjustment to act on the decisions, and perhaps natural supplements or prescription medications. No matter the tools, they are guided by your story, your questions and your needs in creating the map to your healthiest future.

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