Staying Healthy During Wildfire

Forest on Fire

We hope that you and all your loved ones are safe from the wildfires. This is yet another stressful moment to navigate, and the hearts and thoughts of all of us at the Center for Natural Medicine are with you. If you are having respiratory difficulty due to the increased smoke, please schedule a visit with your provider or for one of our acute visit slots to discuss personalized treatments.

There are some things you can do to help the air quality in your home. If you have an air filter system or standalone unit, please utilize these tools until the air clears. If you do not have access to a filter, you can make a makeshift air filter unit by attaching an air filter to a box fan. You may also simmer sprigs of sage, rosemary, cedar, or pine in a pot of water to help to clarify the air in your home.

For lung support, please make sure to wear a mask if you absolutely must be outdoors. Cloth masks are not adequate for filtering out the small particulate matter contained in the wildfire smoke, so if this is all you have on hand, please double up on masks to increase your protection. Use of respirator masks, N95, or KN 95 masks offer a higher level of lung protection than cloth masks.

Please discuss use of herbs or pharmaceuticals for respiratory support with your provider. A rescue inhaler may be an appropriate tool for some patients, but albuterol is not an appropriate medication for everyone.

If you have been impacted by evacuations and require any resources to support your health, please contact your provider as there may be some resources available through your health insurance.

Take good care of yourselves and please stay safe. Be kind to yourself and others right now, as this is a stressful and difficult time. We will get through this.