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Patient Services

Patient Centered Primary Care

Gynecologic care

Pediatric healthcare

Geriatric healthcare

Family healthcare

Gender affirming care

Auto and sports injuries

Full laboratory services


Herbal and homeopathic therapies

Prescription drug management


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Spinal Manipulation

LENS neurofeedback

Stress management and stress reaction restructuring

Minor Surgery

Pelvic floor therapy

Diet and Nutritional Supplementation

Specialty Services

Allergy Testing

Lung Function Testing

Artery and Vein Evaluations

Resting and Exercise Stress EKG’s

Cardiac Exercise Rehabilitation

Mail Order and Online Dispensary

The Center for Natural Medicine Dispensary is a great bonus for patients. We carry only the best researched, quality tested products. Call us at 503.232.1100 if you would like supplements sent to you or to see if they are in stock.

Center of Excellence in
Naturopathic Cardiovascular Medicine

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