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Introduction to the Community Teaching Clinic

For Referring Providers and Community Resource Organizations

The Center for Natural Medicine is as pleased as ever to host our NCNM teaching rotation, and excited to support the Coalition of Community Clinics in an ever-evolving capacity. Please read over the following information, feel free to share it around your community, and use it to determine if we are a good fit to serve your patients and clients.

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Who We Are

A naturopathic primary care clinic, serving Portland for over 20 years. Our Community Teaching Clinic on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons has always been an NCNM teaching clinic, offering excellent care at a discount to those who are willing to have students participate in their care. Dr Martin Milner, professor of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary medicine at NCNM, supervises the clinic where patients can seek not only primary care, but diagnosis and treatment for heart and lung conditions. This clinic has also been a valuable resource for outside physicians needing to refer patients for affordable diagnostic testing.

What Has Changed

CNM’s Community Teaching Clinic (formerly Heart & Lung Wellness) is supporting without actual membership in the Coalition of Community Clinics through our affiliation with NCNM. We have reduced our fees for the teaching rotation to be as affordable as possible for those who are uninsured and low-income, while still permitting us to remain operational.

Our Community Teaching Clinic fee schedule is availabled for any patients who choose to benefit from our discounted fees. The clinic is held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We can usually get patients in within a week of receiving a referral or a phone call request for care.

Who We Are Not

We don’t have non-profit status, public funding or subsidizing. We aren’t a Coalition Clinic, but we believe in what the CCC is doing and want to participate in the way we can. We do not have the capability to enroll patients in assistance programs like Project Access, which can provide opportunities for very low income patients to get the testing and care they need, regardless of ability to pay.

Our fees are as low as possible and we have to collect at time of service to sustain the clinic. We are filling a low-middle niche, providing care for patients who can’t afford insurance or to pay full-price out-of-pocket fees, but can budget for the fees we charge in our Community Clinic.

How To Refer Your Patients

Fill out one of our referral forms as completely and legibly as possible and fax it, along with any helpful notes, labs, etc., to us at 503-232-7751. Give a copy of the referral to your patient and tell them they can call 503-232-1100 to schedule.

We will not schedule patients for procedures if we have not received a written referral in advance. If you are simply recommending someone to our clinic to establish care and seek treatment, then no referral is needed, but any relevant records or notes sent in advance are greatly appreciated.

Please have your patients request to schedule with the Community Teaching Clinic when they call. We are unable to provide interpreters, so if your patient requires language assistance, please arrange that for them, or ask them to bring someone fluent in English to assist in their visits.

We Look Forward To Working With You

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