Center of Excellence in
Naturopathic Cardiovascular Medicine

What We Do

Provide Superior Patient Care

Working closely with conventional cardiovascular specialists, we diagnose and treat conditions of the heart, lungs, blood and blood vessels. The Center of Excellence emphasizes evidence informed natural medicine approaches integrated with the conventional standard of care. Specific treatment plans may include a combination of dietary counseling, therapeutic exercise, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, physical medicine, oxygen therapy and pharmaceutical medicines, among others.

Conditions treated

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Services Include

Cultivate and Uphold Standards of Excellence

The Center of Excellence adheres to national standards of care on conditions of the heart, lungs and blood, augmenting those rigorous standards with evidence-informed complementary and alternative medicine. It is our intention to also serve as leaders within the field, helping create national organizations that promote and facilitate these same standards of quality in naturopathic cardiovascular medicine.