Our Identity, Vision and Mission

We view the Community Teaching Clinic as an indispensable service. The type of care we provide is truly unique, as is the training ground on which it is provided. We are the only facility in the world offering naturopathic cardiology training and care in a clinical treatment facility under the supervision of a professor of naturopathic cardiology. We are experts in this paradigm of health care and have been offering these services for over a decade.

Our alliance with National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) and its research division Helfgott Research Institute has put CNM at the cutting edge of Naturopathic Cardiology patient care and ongoing research. Since 1999 our program has evolved CNM into the world’s first and foremost Center of Excellence in Naturopathic Cardiovascular Medicine. We are committed to bringing that unique CNM experience to the greatest number of trainees and patients possible. Our mission is to provide that training while continually improving the quality of the care that our patients receive.

Dr. Jeremy Mikolai, and Dr. Martin Milner are working toward the creation of an intensive fellowship training program in naturopathic cardiovascular medicine to further develop this area of special focus for naturopathic physicians. Ultimately, that work will lead to the board certification of naturopathic doctors in cardiovascular medicine.