Dr. Martin Milner Named
Portland Top Doctor in 2014 and 2015

January 16, 2014

Every year Portland Monthly publishes a list of the top doctors in the Portland area. This year the Center for Natural Medicine’s Dr. Martin Milner was chosen as one of Portland’s top natural doctors. To be included in this list doctors are nominated by the community. Portland Monthly then narrows the list of nominations down to […]

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Dr. Martin Milner Receives NCNM & OANP 2013 Living Legends Award

December 23, 2013

 Dr. Milner was honored with the naturopathic medicine’s prestigious Living Legends award for his demonstrated leadership, commitment to excellence and outstanding contributions to the advancement of natural medicine. Portland, Ore. ( Dec. 11, 2013)–Martin Milner, ND, was honored with the 2013 Living Legends award by National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) and the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) […]

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Oregon Health Authority Credentials NCNM Naturopathic Teaching Clinic

June 26, 2013

Center for Natural Medicine is Recognized as Patient-Centered Primary Care Home PORTLAND, Ore. (June 25, 2013) — The Oregon Health Authority recently credentialed the Center for Natural Medicine, a naturopathic teaching clinic of the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), as a Tier 2 Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH). The Center for Natural Medicine is […]

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August 2012 New Programs and Services

August 31, 2012

The Center for Natural Medicine’s Heart & Lung Wellness Program (H&L) is pleased to announce an array of new diagnostic services available on site. These newly available procedures are extensive and include resting echocardiograms (ultrasounds) of the heart, echocardiogram stress testing of the heart, diagnostic ultrasounds of most regions including the leg arteries and veins, the abdomen, the […]

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Naturopathic Cardiology – Infectious Heart Disease

June 17, 2012

The following attached article published in May 2012 summarizes the common causes of infectious heart disease and naturopathic management of the resulting heart failure.  The article follows with a call to action for post graduate medical education in naturopathic cardiology. View PDF Download

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Pediatric and Infant Massage Therapy Medical Teams International

April 12, 2012

Mary Thies, BA, LMT, CIMT, CPMT, Reiki Master February/March 2012 I traveled to Tashkent, Uzbekistan for 3 weeks of training and practical application of pediatric massage therapy techniques from the US, opening a dialogue between Uzbekistan and US pediatric massage practitioners. I worked with Orphanage #1 and the Children’s Hospital for Cerebral Palsy.  At Orphanage […]

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What is Infant Massage?

December 7, 2011

Nurturing growth, human connection and a healthy family environment is essential to ensuring optimal development in early childhood.  During infancy and the toddler years, positive social and emotional nourishment through family interactions are of the highest priority.  At this early stage in life, strengthening the bond between child and caregiver communicates stability and creates the […]

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Water, The chemistry of life.

September 27, 2011

Water, The chemistry of life.
Whenever we attempt to determine whether there is life as we know it on Mars or other planets, scientists first seek to establish whether or not water is present. Why? Because life on earth totally depends on water.

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Herbal Meds vs Prescription Drugs

June 10, 2010

Cut and paste the URL below for these internet TV interviews with Dr. Milner on Herb interactions, side effects, safety and Rx Drugs Extended 11 min interview with Dr. Milner

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Naturopathic Physicians Can Prescribe a Much Broader List of Drugs

June 4, 2009

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 18, 2009)- On June 2, 2009 the Oregon house of representatives today “unanimously” passed Senate Bill 327, expanding the prescribing authority for the state’s approximately 850 licensed naturopathic physicians. In addition to the list of naturally-derived drugs that have long been on the naturopathic formulary, Senate Bill 327 will permit naturopathic doctors […]

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7-KETO Technical Data Sheet

March 16, 2009

Research has shown that 7- keto DHEA enhances humoral and cell-mediated immunity.6 Furthermore, 7- keto-DHEA appears to enhance the immune response when the normal immune response is less than optimal.7
In addition, in animal studies, 7- keto-DHEA enhanced memory in mice with impaired memory.8
7- keto-DHEA has also been shown to induce the activity of various thermogenic enzymes.5, 9-11

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Subject: Three simple steps to reduce your risk of heart attack

February 25, 2009

In the December 27 e-Alert, we wrote to you about a new way to assess your risk of heart disease. It’s the ratio between apolipoprotein B (apo B) and apolipoprotein A-1 (apo A-1), and studies have shown it can be even more meaningful than the HDL/LDL ratio. In fact, in the study I wrote about last month, men with the highest levels of apo B and the lowest levels of apo A-1 were nearly FOUR TIMES as likely to have a fatal heart attack than those with opposite values. (You can view this e-Alert on our website,, on the “Current e-Alerts” page.)

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Symbiotropin – Pro hGH – Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue

February 9, 2009

Pro-HGH contains the seven peptides that make up natural growth hormone. Chaperone molecules keep these peptides from being degraded by hydrochloric acid in the stomach. In addition, this product contains molecules that address virtually every aspect of growth hormone within the body including production, transport and utilization.

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pH Paper

When our bodies are appropriately balance in the ongoing, dynamic challenge of acid
producing factors in our lives (diet, sub-optimal water intake, stress and the development
of chronic illnesses) every cell is able to function more efficiently. This can result in
significantly improved long term health and longevity.

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Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – August 12, 2003

February 5, 2009

If you’re, say, a few years on either side of 50 years old, then your pituitary gland is doing a far less efficient job of releasing somatotropin (or human growth hormone – hGH) into the bloodstream than it did when you were 20. And as you grow older, your pituitary’s hGH output will diminish a little more each year.

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January 28, 2009

• A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic: By Martin Milner, N.D.

Clotting is a key, often overlooked factor in chronic illness, and with
nattokinase, we know how to reverse it. This is where the real treasure of
this enzyme lies. Disorders such as heart disease, hypertension, fibromyalgia,
chronic infection, inflammatory bowel disease, deep vein thrombosis, may
respond to nattokinase.
Turn to page 2 for more on A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic
By dissolving branched fibrin–which coagulates prior to full clot formation–
nattokinase proves uniquely helpful in many disorders.
Turn to page 2 for more on Doctors Apply Nattokinase in Many Conditions
Nattokinase: Clinical Updates from
Doctors Support its Safety and Efficacy
• Doctors Apply Nattokinase in Many Conditions
• Four Top Doctors Weigh In
Hear how Jonathan Wright, M.D., David Brownstein, N.D., Christopher
Deatherage, N.D., and Stephen Hines, N.D. use this powerful,
fibrinolytic enzyme.

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In the 1970’s world famous pharmacologist James Jamieson, a specialist in pharmaceutical delivery systems, decided to take on the challenge of producing the world’s first effective growth hormone in an oral dosage form, a project many believed to be impossible. His work led him to the discovery of over 300 molecules he calls chaperone molecules that are used to protect this sensitive compound from hydrochloric acid, facilitate absorption and aid in transport to the receptor sites.

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ph Goals, Instructions and Graphing

January 27, 2009

To gain insight into your ability to maintain acid/alkaline balance day by day, I would like you to use a simple and very inexpensive test. The acid/alkaline state of your body can be evaluated by measuring the pH of your urine and saliva. This is achieved by dipping a short strip of pH paper that measures in 0.2 of a pH unit onto your urine and saliva and measuring the color change on the test strip. Accurate and properly calibrated pH strips are available for $10 at the Center for Natural Medicine Mail Order Dispensary online at or toll free at 1-888-305-4288.

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Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

January 26, 2009

Continuous intake of polyphenolic compounds containing cocoa powder reduces LDL oxidative susceptibility and has beneficial effects on plasma HDL-cholesterol concentrations in humans

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Cuba Epidemic stopped with 5 million doses of homeopathy

Cuba prevents annual epidemic among 2.5m people using homeopathy Fri, 02/01/2009 – 15:56 – Markos Cuban medical researchers have successfully prevented the annual outbreak of Leptospirosis in Cuba among a population of 5 million people across two regions using homeopathy in both 2007 and 2008, a homeopathy conference in Havana Cuba heard recently. Using Homeoprophylaxis, […]

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CT Scan Radiation Cancer Risk

I always said the amount of radiation in a CT scan was way high and overused. It is anywhere from 100-250 times more radiation than a chest X-Ray. Lung cancer patient’s can’t be imaged accurately any other way and the scanning is an additional carcinogen. Here it is attached from WebMD. ct-scan-radiation

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Information on PRO-HGH

January 5, 2009

In the 1970’s world famous pharmacologist James Jamieson, a specialist in pharmaceutical delivery systems, decided to take on the challenge of producing the world’s first effective growth hormone in an oral dosage form, a project many believed to be impossible. His work led him to the discovery of over 300 molecules he calls chaperone molecules that are used to protect this sensitive compound from hydrochloric acid, facilitate absorption and aid in transport to the receptor sites.

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Filling the gap in medical education

August 1, 2002

“I can’t tell you the number of people who have walked into my clinic in Oregon complaining that they just can’t get the kind of treatment the
want–– one that combines what they’re already getting fromconventional doctors (high tech diagnostics and prescription meds when they’re needed) with basic complementary and alternative medical (CAM) care,”

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